Farmer: Mohammed Qassim
Importer (and exporter): Qima Coffee

Price we paid Qima coffee for the green coffee: 55USD/kg (+ shipping cost from London to our roastery was around 3USD/kg)

This includes 5$ that went directly to the Qima foundation for their nursery project where they give farmers the best trees for their land. It cost approximately 0,50USD per tree.

Farmgate price (price Qima paid Mohammed): 25USD/kg of green coffee.

Total cost of exporting the green coffee to London, UK: 18,80USD/kg. The cost of transportation and overall logistics in Yemen is extremely high. Scarcity of resources, famine, and civil war, etc, make traveling and exporting product our of Yemen very challenging and pricey.

We know this coffee is more expensive, but it supports small holder farmers directly. 30kg is everything that Mohammed produced so paying a high price for such a rare, unique and tasty coffee is the right thing to do for us.

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