Farmer: Mohammed Alburai
Importer & Exporter: Qima Coffee

When you buy this coffee, you contribute to much more than a tasty brew.

This coffee came so close to qualify for the best of Yemen auction, but it fell short by 0,25pt on the last cupping day.

We understand that there needs to be a cut off for events like this, but we still think that cupping score are a little to subjective to dictate so much.
(For David, a lapsed QGrader, this coffee scored higher than many lots who made it to the auction.)
In this case, making it to the auction or not is a very big monetary difference. Thankfully, Qima coffee had already committed to buy this lot at a high price, regardless of if it made it to the auction or not. That is what we love working with them: they always put the farmers first.

Qima coffee also donates 10% of their yearly profits + 10% of the auction profit to their foundation.
By buying the Yemeni coffees on our menu, you help enact positive change at 

Go check out their newest initiative: Hope for Taiz.

Price we paid Qima for the coffee: 46CAD/kg
(+530USD for the shipping and logistics)

FOB price: 44CAD/kg
Farmgate price: 29CAD/kg

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