Writing this about me has been a nightmare. So much to say and do, but words can’t replace actions. I believe in hard work and staying true to one’s vision. This is exactly why I started Rabbit Hole: to be myself, without compromise, and work relentlessly to make all my dreams and crazy ideas come to life.
I see many things I don’t agree with in the coffee industry; Rabbit Hole is my attempt to bring something different to the specialty coffee table.
One thing that struck me the last couple of years is the lack of diversity on most roasters menu. I want to have strong connections with emerging origins, and less accessible ones. Not only will it bring new terroir and flavours, but also new stories and new ties at origin. The story behind a coffee has value, but if we all serve the same thing, it gets boring pretty fast and those stories just get added to a pool of similar stories. So far, we have had good stories to tell with our line up.
I also think we need to reassess how we, coffee professionals, accept feedback. If we listen to every barista or roaster, everything is always special and perfect. Isn’t that the perfect way to not be special? I am open to feedback at all times (from baristas, consumers, other roasters), and it helps me get better. Rabbit Hole is my way to engage in real, constructive feedback so I can grow. 
Specialty coffee doesn’t always feel different then most coffee, and that saddens me. Isn’t that the opposite of what "specialty" means?
Rabbit Hole Roasters is my shot at being original and ground breaking. I hope you feel like tagging along with me in this journey. 
David Lalonde


I come from a marketing background and was always drawn by the coffee industry. I got the bug while travelling the world, specially in Australia and New Zealand.

I started Rabbit Hole Roasters because I wanted an adventure!

It's also the perfect balance between my passion for coffee and my strong desire to keep growing as a brand manager. My goal with RHR is to create a company that is curious enough to build an unconventional business model, a company that isn’t afraid to be authentic and to do things differently than the mass.  We will do us unapologetically and we will work hard on projects we wholeheartedly believe in.

I want to share my passion for coffee with everyone around me and help our industry rise to a new level so we can all enjoy a better cup of coffee. The specialty coffee industry is often seen as pretentious, but in fact it’s more about caring about the raw product and making a difference in the long run.

Throughout this new venture, I am learning a whole bunch about running a business, marketing, coffee and roasting. It’s a challenging road but I am so happy to be here and glad to have you along for the ride.

Sophie Moreau

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