Farmer: Luis Roldan
Farm: El Durazno
Exporter: Industrias Noviembre
Importer: Semilla

Last harvest was the first time Luis sold his coffee internationally and we bought 100% of his export volume (14 bags of 69 kg of one variety, the yellow catuai).
After this first purchase, both because the coffee is very good and serves a purpose beyond the cup, we had committed to buying all his available coffee for export before the harvest even began.
This means that we have 21 bags of 2 varietals (12 of this red caturra and 9 yellow catuai).
Our commitment to Luis, Semilla and the Cafe Colis Resistencia group will remain and we hope that working closely together, we can import 30-40 bags from Luis next harvest.

Price we paid Semilla for the landed coffee in our Montreal warehouse: 5.05USD/lb (+0,30$ in shipping)

FOB price: 3,40USD/lb

Farmgate price: 1750 Quetzal/quintal, 1 quintal being around 100kg of parchment (parchment means the green bean is still not exposed)
National price: 1100-1500 Quetzal

(Last harvest, the farmgate price was 1500Q and the national average between 800-1000)

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