Farmers: Rungeto Farmers Cooperative Society
Exporter: Vava Coffee
Importer: Sucafina

Price paid by us to Sucafina for the landed coffee to our roastery: 5,73USD/lb for the green coffee + 0,40USD/lb for the shipping from New Jersey.

FOB price: The price paid to Vava Coffee before it departed origin: 4,93USD/lb (minus the importer financing fees)

Farmgate price: 112.85 Kenyan Chillings (KES) per kg of cherry. This translate to roughly 4,45USD/lb of green coffee.

The national average farmgate price was between 82 and 113 KES per kg of cherries, with the highest recorded transaction at 118KES and the lowest at 10KES. Those stats are mostly for big factories.

Of the 967 factories (or processing centers) in the countries, only between 70 and 80 factories payed an average superior to 100KES.
Only 11 factories collected more than a million kilos of cherries, including Kii.

In all of Kenya, the Kirinyaga region was amongst the top payer for $/kg.
The Kii was the best in the country when you take into account volume vs price paid.