Farmers: Guiben
Farm manager: TianCai
Exporter: Yunnan Coffee Traders
Importer: Atlas Coffee

Price paid by us to Atlas for the landed coffee in the Continental warehouse in New Jersey: 4,89USD/lb
This includes storage fees until September 2022 (0,11USD/lb) freight cost (0,39USD/lb) and a new, special 7,5% US tax on Chinese products (0,29USD/lb).

Shipping fees + customs from New Jersey: 0,30USD/lb

FOB price (price from the farm up until it's safely in a container, ready for export): 3,83USD/lb

Estimated farmgate price (basically money in the farmers hand) after conversion from local currency: 2,90-3,10USD/lb


We have been working together closely for the last 3 years. We contributed to the installation of better drying patios last year by raising money with our Return to Origin coffee and fundraiser.

But this relationship goes both way and we help each other out. When covid hit and demand for coffee from within China grew crazy, making prices soar, TianCai refused to sell the coffee for a quick profit because it would have meant having no coffee for us.

So he sacrificed short terms financial gain for a long term partnership with us by keeping the coffee more affordable. (don’t worry, we still paid good money for those beautiful beans ;-) )

TianCai is a smart, motivated young entrepreneur that understands economics. When international prices are low, he expects his partners to buy the coffee at a price point that allows his family and community to still thrive, but when export logistics is expensive and prices are internally high in China, he doesn't hesitate to help his buyers get more his delicious coffees at a price point that benefits everyone.