Farmers: Guiben
Farm manager: TianCai
Exporter: Yunnan Coffee Traders

It's been quite challenging to get coffee from Yunnan in the last 2-3 harvests.
With trade tarifs being out of control between China and the USA, no US based importer wanted to take on the complicated and pricey risks of getting coffees from China last year.
Last year we had to go through IndoChina coffee in the UK, and this year, we found a partner in Pacifica Renew to receive those coffees in California.

Price paid by us to Pacifica Renew for the landed coffee at our roastery: 20,50CAD/kg

FOB price (prices paid to farmers + fees and transport from the farm to the port at origin): 15,20CAD/kg (not including financing partner fees)

Farmgate price: Based on our conversion from the local currency and on previous years, we'd say that the farmers received 11,25CAD/kg.

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