Main farmer: Donaldo Ambrosio
Exporter: UNTAO
Importer: Osito Coffee
Sourcing partner: Red Beetle Coffee Lab

This coffee was bought through a COOP called Siprocafe. There is a smaller group of 8 farmers from Amatenango within that COOP that Osito has been buying from since their first year in Mexico.
As their longest and most important relationship in the country, we wanted to support them as much as possible so we not only bought our decaf from those 8 farmers, but also their main lots.
The first batch is not a communal blend: it's 100% from a farmer named Donaldo Ambrosio, and that's why his name is on the label! As the season advance, we will receive more from the group, and it might be a communal blend with Donaldo's coffee and some other from the group, but since they produce the same varietal and process it together, the profile is super homogenous. 
Price paid to Osito for the green coffee: 4,20USD/lb
(+ 40 cents in shipping, +25cents storage fees over 6 months)
FOB Price Osito paid at origin before export: 3,65USD/lb (export cost around 0,35USD/lb)
Farmgate price (aka what the farmers received): 90 Pesos/kg of parchment (meaning around 2,50USD/lb of green coffee)
Local price in Chiapas at the time of buying: 75 Pesos. A recent spike in global coffee prices makes this difference between market price and what Osito is paying smaller than usual. As a comparison, last year the market was around 45/55 pesos locally but Osito was paying 70/85 pesos range.
Other costs: UNTAO, the exporter, is responsible for milling the coffee (removing the husk), storage, and bagging before export. (adding around 0,20USD/lb)
Red Beatle is a sourcing company operating in Mexico and Peru. They connect farmers with roasters and importers and do important technical work with farmers (agronomy, improving quality, better processing, etc) and are an important technical partner for many farmers. (their services adds between 0,30-0,60USD/lb)

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