Farmer: Akram Darwaish
Importer & Exporter: Qima Coffee

When you buy this coffee, you contribute to much more than a tasty brew.

Price paid by us to Qima: 51,50USD/lb
(packaging and shipping fees: +5USD/lb)

Initial farmgate price paid to Akram, before the auction: 11,50USD/lb

The farmers then receive 50% of the profits generated at the auction by their coffee.

Second payment made to Akram, post auction: 17,50USD/lb
Total paid directly to Akram: 28USD/lb.
In a country where farmers historically have little bargaining power over the price of THEIR own coffee, Qima made sure that the auction was farmer centric and would pay farmers well.

But the auction, besides celebrating Yemeni farmers and the best coffees in the country, has a second mission: to keep investing in coffee growing region despite the civil war raging since 2014.
For Qima and the Qima foundation, investing in those regions is a catalyst for peace and prosperity.

On top of their pledge to donate 10% of their profits annually to causes helping the Yemeni people prosper again, they also donated 10% of the auction's profits - $32 965USD - to the Mokha Revival Project in the Taiz region, one of the most affected by the conflict.

(us buying this lot contributed to $745,50USD to the Qima foundation: 372.75 to the foundation for the ongoing 10% pledge by Qima, and another 372,75 to the Mokha revival project for the extra 10% of the profits from the auction)

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