Farm: MG Plantation
Processor/Exporter: Ekata Coffee
Importer: IndoChina Coffee (ICC)

Price we paid for the landed coffee at our roastery: 18,65CAD/kg
Added cost: 4,70CAD/kg (including ICC import fees, shipping to Canada from the UK, storage, financing and warehousing fees)

ICC understood that having coffees shipped from the UK would make everything quite expensive for us, and they lowered their own margins by almost half to help us out, and we are grateful for that!

FOB price: 14CAD/kg
This is the price paid by ICC to Ekata for all the costs up to the point of boarding at origin.

Farmgate price: Ekata runs the MG Plantation, one of the oldest and biggest in the area. They also handle the export of the coffee, meaning that the farmgate price is included in the FOB price.
We like to build relationship at origin with smaller farms, but we wanted to start exploring the region with a known entity and take it from there.

Ekata also has a local roasting brand, and we love how many farmers in emerging origin use the vertically integrated model to have more control over price, revenues, and cash flow.

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