Roast Magazine - Roaster of the Year Edition


Well. We won something 🏆

We don't always take the easiest or most profitable way. Thank you all for your support because without it, we wouldn't continue to do what we do. Let's keep working on what matters.

About the competition

Roast magazine’s Roaster of the Year competition recognizes the top roasters in the world. The competition begins with a written questionnaire covering topics ranging from company mission statement, sustainable/employee practices to commitment to the industry.

From the written applications three finalists are chosen from two categories, roasting less than 100,000 lbs. per year (Micro) and roasting more than 100,000 lbs. year (Macro). The finalists are required to send in 3 lbs. of roasted coffees. The coffees are cupped and scored. The cupping scores and the written scores are combined.

The company with the most points is crowned our Roaster of the Year. The competition is fierce and draws applications from every part of the globe.

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