Shoondhisa Experimental


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Impressions: peach, red plum, buckwheat honey, vibrant
Roast degree: light (1.5/5)

Country: Ethiopia
Zone: Guji
Woreda: Shakiso
Kebele: Sukke Qutto
Sub kebele: Shoondhisa
Variety: Gibirinna 74110, Serto 74112
Process: Natural
Drying Station: Dambi Undo
Export partner: Sookoo Coffee
Partner importer: Osito coffee
Farmers: 44 smallholder producers

This experimental lot comes from the same communal lot as our regular Shoondhisa.

Instead of putting the cherries on raised beds for drying immediately after picking, this limited lot spent 72 hours in a low oxygen environment (known as the anaerobic process). The cherries were put in plastic bags to ferment, and those 3 days make this coffee funkier, thicker and more complex than the regular lot.

What a treat to have this coffee on our menu! Our staple community lot from Guji, the Shoondhisa, was used by Ture Waji as he wanted to experiment with coffee resting in anaerobic conditions before drying.

The cherries spent 3 days in air tight plastic bags before hitting the raised beds for drying, resulting in a coffee with a bit more funk and body if you compare with the regularly processed natural.

This coffee is thick, sirupy and screams peach and dried apricot. The sweetness is also very particular as David detected something he (for some reason ;-) ) eats often: buckwheat honey. This honey is dark and something that feels like a mix of regular honey and molasses.

We also tasted red prunes, grapes and apples, and a mix of white and purple flower makes this coffee wildly aromatic.


Method Dose Ratio Time
Espresso 18 g 2.3:1 30-36 sec
Espresso with milk 18g 2.1:1 36-40 sec
Americano 18 g 2.3:1 30-35 sec


23 g 17:1 3:15-3:45 min

 Chemex & Batch Brew

40-60 g 16.5:1 5:00-5:30 min

 French Press

18-25 g 16,5:1 3:45 min steep time

Farmers: a community blend of 44 small producers
Drying mill: Dambi Undo
Coffee processors and exporter: Ture Waji, owner of Sookoo Coffee
Importer: Osito

Price we paid for the landed coffee in continental New Jersey: 8,55USD/lb (add 0,45USD for shipping and customs)

FOB price, or price paid to Sookoo by Osito: 7,00USD/lb

Farmgate price, or price paid by Sookoo for the coffee cherries: early season - 40ETB/kg, and late harvest 51ETB/kg

(The farmgate price is the same as the community lot on our menu. It'S more expensive accross the board because of the labour, processing and risks involve when trying experimental methods, aka new things. The cost for the processing was paid for by Sookoo Coffee.)

Last year, the cherry prices were around 24ETB/kg.
High demand and lower supply explain this increase.

In addition to the price hike, a lack of ripening rain this year made for an overall low cherry quality across the board in the region. A high percentage of cherries bought were undersized, defective or unripe.

Ture is dedicated to quality, and is sorting and processing protocols are immaculate compare to most coffee exporters in Ethiopia. He deserves the nickname ‘’King of Guji’!

But sorting coffee the way he does, especially in a year were so much cherries were defective means increased cost for the highest quality.

What is also interesting is that farmers hover from exporter to exporter to try and fetch the highest price. Ture won’t shy away from paying extra for higher quality, and his processing knowledge allows him to turn an average lots into something super tasty. He is a master at making sure we can taste the very best of the Ethiopian terroir.

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